More snow! We have had over 17 inches over the past 10 days. We are very optimistic that the season here will go well into March. Our trails are open, we are on our regular grooming cycle, and trail conditions are the best they have been this season with good to very good conditions. There is up to 30 inches of new snow in the higher terrain. Finally, there are some good opportunities for you off trail riders.

Riding is finally very good to destinations east and south of Rangeley. Our rides to Rumford, Andover, Kingfield, Carrabassett and the Eustis/Stratton trails have all been on good conditions.

There are still thin spots, some icy corners, bumps and dips, so use caution. Use caution always on the lakes. With the new snow, there may be wet/slushy areas on the lakes.

There are currently, several big logging operations on ITS 84 south of Rangeley Lake near South Bog Stream and the Junction with Corridor Trail 117. Equipment is often working on the trail or crossing it. Go slow and be sure operators see you before you get too close to machinery.

Cautions on the Rangeley Trail System:

  • ITS 84 at South Bog Stream has several logging operations on the trail (see Caution above). There is a marked temporary by-pass trail along the plowed road. Stay over and be alert and very cautious of vehicles (they have the right-of-way).
  • ITS 89 heading past Gull Pond. Logging vehicles crossing the trail. Please heed the Stop signs.
  • Greeley Trail- (Connects with ITS 89) Shared use of the trail with logging operations for about one mile.

Corridor 108 Trail between ITS 84 at Junction R 7 and Junction R5, There is a logging operation on the trail about one mile from the ITS 84 Junction (R7).

Maps are available at local businesses and the Chamber of Commerce.

Lake riding is never safe! If you are not experienced and comfortable with riding on lakes. Don’t do it! The Rangeley Lakes Snowmobile Club has no trails on any lakes, ponds, rivers or streams. We have plenty of trails to enjoy safely.

Trail Change Notices:

  • ITS 84 has been rerouted again this year between Tim Pond Road and Camp 14. This is a longer trip (apx 9 miles one-way) to Bosebuck Mt. Camps and NH.
  • The Arnold Trails SC will be grooming a connection just north of Kennebago Lake between ITS 84 and its Tim Pond Road Trail (ITS 89). This allows a scenic loop between Rangeley, East Kennebago Mt. and Oquossoc and a new route into Stratton and Eustis and points east.
  • New Trail – Barn Trail. This trail runs between the Russell Cove Trail near the Airport, passed by the RLSC Groomer Barn (portable toilet there) and ends northwest of Loon Lake on the Cedar Swamp Trail. It is the shortest way between Rangeley Village and East Kennebago Mt.
Rangeley Snowmobile Trails Report – 3/6/12

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