Mother Nature can be cruel! A major thaw Thursday really took a lot of snow away where the trails were thin. We see only mild, mostly sunny weather in the week ahead.

Spring Conditions

Trails north of Route 4 are mostly open. We groomed our trails with snow cover on Sunday and Monday (tonight). We hope to maintain as many trails as we can through this coming weekend.

Riding to destinations east and south of Rangeley may be about finished. Look at web sites for places you may be interested in riding.

Water is an issue on some trails. Stop to assess water holes before trying to pass through them.

Riding is best from Oquossoc north into the higher terrain, to Bosebuck Camps and into eastern NH. Also there is riding from the RLSC Groomer Barn and locations along Route 16, up and around East Kennebago Mt, Tim Pond. and the Kennebago Lakes. The Depot Street trail and the trail behind Moose Alley are in poor conditions if not totally bare in places. ITS 84 south of Rangeley Lake is no longer passable without extensive riding on bare ground.

Lake riding is generally good, especially after the surfaces soften.

Lake riding is never safe! If you are not experienced and comfortable with riding on lakes. Don’t do it! The Rangeley Lakes Snowmobile Club has no trails on any lakes, ponds, rivers or streams. We have plenty of trails to enjoy safely.

Rangeley Snowmobile Trails Report – 3/12/12

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