Grand Falls

Maine’s Black Fly Loop Snowmobile Trail Highlights include:

Rangeley Lake: Where the “Snodeo” Winter Carnival is held annually in late January. Radar Run, Poker Run, chili cook-off, new snowmobile displays, sleigh rides, ice castle and snow sculptures, fireworks, and lots of other events and displays in Rangeley and Oquossoc!

Dagget Rock: Largest above-ground glacier rock in the U.S. in the Madrid – Phillips area.

Weld: Where grand mountains rise out of scenic Webb Lake.

Kingfield Overlook: Breathtaking views of the town of Kingfield.

Tiger Den: Tiger White first broke this trail to the overlook of Weld – Carthage.

Allen’s Pinnacle: Overlooks Salem, Phillips and the mountains to the west.

Millay Hill: A great picnic spot. Just a short jog off the trail there is also another beautiful view of the mountains to the west.

Grand Falls: Largest horseshoe falls north of Niagra Falls – located in the Stratton – Eustis area.

Bigelow Lodge: Owned by the State of Maine and manned by volunteers on weekends, this is a great place to stop and warm up by the fire. Enjoy coffee and donuts, donations are accepted. Located in the Carrabasset Valley area.

Stratton/Eustis: Polarblast held annually in early February. Games, Radar Run, Poker Run bonfire, scavenger hunt, snow sculptures and lots more in the Stratton-Eustis area!

Kennebago Mountain: Don’t miss this ride to the top where a fox has met riders in recent years looking for a leftover sandwich.

Bannoc Overlook: Overlooks Clearwater Pond in Farmington.

Bug Eye Mountain: Overlooks Chain of Ponds in the Eustis area.

Bag Mountain: Overlooks the Canadian Trail. This view will take your breath away! Located in the Eustis area.

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