While in Maine, do as the Mainers do! Here’s what you can do to help support the Black Fly Loop Snowmobile Trail System.

1. Buy a Local Club Map: The Black Fly Loop is intended to show major trails. Current information, side trails, and local “must sees” will be found on club maps. These are also fundraisers for the clubs. The money goes to support the trails.

2. Join a Club: When you do, join the Maine Snowmobile Association (MSA) as well. Most Clubs include MSA membership in club dues. It’s a great fundraiser and gives extra insurance while riding in our state. Ride Our Trails. Join Our Clubs.

3. Stay on Marked Trails: The trail you are riding has been made possible thanks to the generosity of all of the landowners. This is a priviledge not a right – it can be taken away! Trad lightly. Do not litter. Pack in, pack out.

4. Learn and use the Hand Signals shown on the Black Fly Loop Trail Map. Click here to see the list of hand signals!

5. Always Ride on the Right: Do this for safety’s sake – you don’t drive your car in the middle of the road. Middle riding, besides being unsafe, staves up the trail quicker, producing those bumps you hate.

6. Don’t Drink and Drive

7. Please Patronize our Map Advertisers: They have made this loop possible for your enjoyment. We recommend them for quality, service, and value. Click on “Area Businesses” in the top menu bar to see a list of our advertisers in each town.

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